Troublesome Skyscale Achievement Guide: Skyscale Stealth GW2

Troublesome Skyscale Achievement Guide: Skyscale Stealth GW2

After finding all of the skyscales, you need to meet Gorrik again to continue the progress. The next thing to do is the skyscale stealth. Generally, the achievement is when you play hide and seek with the skyscales. 

Start the game 

After you meet Gorrik to finish the skyscale lost, interact with the Home Base marker. It later will give you a dialog to select a difficulty. 

Game levels 

There are three difficulties for the hide and seek game. The apprentice is the easy option, available in the “count really fast” dialog. The medium is Journeymen with “count at a reasonable speed”, and the hard level is the count slowly. 

You can pick whatever you can or want to do for this achievement. The higher the level, the more complex and hidden the skyscales are. 

Where and how to find them? 

1. use call target before they hiding. After they hides you can press T to spot them. 

2. You can also use the “show all NPC names” option or label turned on, thus you can see where they are. 

3. The skayscale will stay in the are on the map around the words “old command Post”, so you don’t have to go that far. 

4. pay attention to 20 second interval. Every so often, the skyscale will give ping to the map to show their location. 

5. the skyscale also emit specific sound periodically which you can see with “effects” channel. If you can hear it, it means you are close. But if you don’t get the effect, it means they are far. 

6. most of the skyscale on the lower difficulties will hide in the open. But you can also check them close to the walls or around the corner. But on the higher difficulties, they might hide high on the rock, ledges, or among vegetation.

It is pretty good achievement and not too hard to do. All you need is to find and use the label to find them. But it still take time. If you find it troublesome, MMOPILOT are ready to help with game booster services.