Troublesome Skyscale Achievement Guide: Skyscale Reflexes GW2

Troublesome Skyscale Achievement Guide: Skyscale Reflexes GW2

After the hide and seek minigame, you got another minigame in Troublesome Skyscale. The Skyscale reflexes is where you play catch with the boys in the sun’s refuges. It also come with several difficulties, which you can pick as you want. 

Starting The Game 

You can start the game by interacting with the ball. Use a skill on your bar to the ball and you can select difficulties. The difficulties goes by easy, medium, and hard. The biggest different is the speed of the returning ball, which means your speed to reach the spot to catch them. 

How Does It Work?

Generally the game will be a normal catch game. You will throw the ball to the skyscale and they will throw it back to you. The difficulties will affect the speed of returning ball. The higher the level, the faster the ball will be. 

You must stand in the white circle when it land or else you will fail the game. Most of the time, you can reach the white circle just by moving normally. And you need to throw and catch the ball 12 times to be count as success. 

If you are going for the hardest difficulties, you can do it with normal movement. But it can be a bit difficult since you need to reach the circle on time. With that, try to use dodge or teleport skill. Other skill that allow you to move faster will also work fine.   

Finishing The Troublesome Skyscale 

If you done playing minigames with the skyscales, you need to complete the whole achievement by talking to Gorrik. He will say thanks to you and will call you again if something happened, which refer to the next and last achievement (riding Skyscale). 

Remember that you still has another sets of achievement, which need more time and skills to finish. If you find yourself has problem in doing all of the skyscale achievement, we can help you with game booster service. Check out MMOPILOT for more details.