Troublesome Skyscale Achievement Guide: Skyscale Lost GW2

Troublesome Skyscale Achievement Guide: Skyscale Lost GW2

In troublesome skyscale achievement you need to do several sub achievements to finish. There are 6 total of achievement for the services, which you can start after finishing the previous achievement (raising skyscale). 

To start this achievement, start by talking to Gorrik in Sun’s Refuge. He will tell you that the skyscales are gone, and you have to help him find them. The achievement is the Skyscale lost. Here are the hint. 

Skyscale lost

Generally you will need to find the skyscales in different places. There are 21 locations, which you need to visit one by one. It can take time, since some of the area or spots are puzzle and need several mount to reach. 

The locations are Displaced tower in Jahai bluff, top of loyalist warren in domain of kourna, estern complex in sandswept isles, Burried archives jumping puzzle in cursed shore, spelunker delve jumping puzzle in Caledon forest, and Goemm’s lab jumping puzzle in Metrica province.

The next one is rescue the skyscale from Fawcetts bounty jumping puzzle in harathi hinterland, frostgorge sound, fireheart rise, lornar’s pass, timberline falls, mount maelstrom, highjump ranch spire, desert highland, crystal oasis, hall of ascension, elon riverlands.

Some tips on skyscale lost

You will see almost all of the places demand you to use mount and finish puzzles. You can use springer, which is common for jumping puzzle. But if you have griffon, some areas are easily accessible with the flying mount. 

Some location also ask you to fight and rescue the skyscale. And among them is the nuer 21, where you have to fight Champion Branded Ley-line anomaly. To help you with it, get an extra pungent skycale treat to be used on the said achievement. 

One of the thing that make the skyscale lost annoying is the constant puzzle game and challenge. It is doable, but still take a lot of time. If you run into several issues or does not know what to do, check out our game booster service at MMOPILOT.