Through the Veil, The First Content Update for the Secrets of the Obscure Expansion in Guild Wars 2

“Through the Veil” releases on November 7, 2023. What’s more interesting is that this update will be available for free to all players who have purchased the Secrets of the Obscure expansion. It introduces a new map, activities, and encounters as players embark on a mission to confront the demonic Kryptis within Nayos, the Realm of Dreams.

Among the new offerings in this update, players will gain access to the Inner Nayos map, a new explorable space in the realm of the Kryptis. Nayos will provide a new mastery track that will tie directly to a new encounter type, Convergences. The seasonal Wizard’s Vault will also be updated with new rewards. Additionally, there are new obtainable relics that provide even more character-building possibilities, and a more difficult challenge mode for the Cosmic Observatory strike mission is also being added to the game.

Additional free content for the expansion will continue to be provided through 2024.


Convergences are public events. These are large-scale rifts where players will join a group of up to 50 other players in defeating monsters and threats in the world.

The public version of Convergences operates on a timer, while squads can open Convergences on demand with unstable Kryptis motivations acquired from tier 2 and tier 3 bounties. Players can also earn an unstable Kryptis motivation each week by participating in a Convergence.

Wizard’s Vault Refresh

This new chapter in the expansion will also bring some new rewards to the Wizard’s Vault, with three new armor pieces, new weapon set color variation, and a new infusion among them. Starting with this update, prior season rewards will also continue to be available through a new “Legacy Rewards” tab. Adding to character options will be the arrival of new relics, to allow for new character build types.

Weapons, Skills, and Balance

Six additional expansion relics will be available starting November 7. ArenaNet will continue to expand the build options available to players through additional relics with the other two updates to follow.

Not too long after the release of first content update “Through the Veil,” players can look forward to a skills and balance update on November 28. ArenaNet will be sharing a preview of those changes, plus the new relics.

World vs. World

ArenaNet have some highlights for detailed information on World vs. World in a few weeks. In late January 2024, ArenaNet will be expanding the ways players can use their guild hall to create unique gameplay experiences with a guild hall arena update and In early 2024, also another World Restructuring beta will be running.

November and December will include more events: a weeklong buff to support Guild Wars 2‘s Extra Life stream on November 3 and 4, a two-week New Hero Jump Start event, a Dungeon Rush week, and Wintersday coming up on December 12. Lunar New Year and a second skills and balance update will be coming along near the end of January 2024.

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