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There is no doubt that choosing the right build in Guild Wars 2 is very difficult, especially when all of them are very unique and interesting. But the thief build has some appealing features. Medium armor, sneaky and stealthy character, surprise attack, ambush, and ninja like movement, will make unforgettable experience. If you love being the powerful shadow, here is what you need to know of the profession.

Specializations of thief

Guild wars 2 service

1. Main Features

Because you are thief, then your greatest advancement is the ability to move in shadows, vanish in air, and steal opponent’s items. Think about how wonderful this profession is when you do PvP or tournament? It will be fun. At the same time, they are master of agile and fast movement. With their swift hands and legs, they can deliver burst damage while being in the stealth mode, a great character for ambush and sneaky attacks.

2. Elite Specializations

Guild wars 2 service

The first elite of thief are Daredevil. Just like the name, they are mainly focus on mobility and evasion, making them like sleek eels. This build has privilege to wield staves. Even with staves, they can avoid three continues attacks. All in all, daredevil will be one of your worst enemies when facing for hand-in-hand combat.
The next one is Deadeye. In this character the stealth ability is replaced with the deadeye’s marks. Why so? Because, they wield the rifles to create a long range damage. The mark will ensure high damage that getting more deadly when supported with target burst. They are like a snipers who are great at stealth mode and add great damage from a single shot.
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