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When you play Guild wars 2, do you love cool movements and explosion? If you do, you will be in enjoying playing as Engineer. This profession is known as the crazy scientist and inventor in the game. You got tons of skills and ability to plummet all of the enemies, plus giving enough support to our allies. Everything has interesting effect and animation, making the character one of the most versatile in the game.

Specializations Of Engineer

Guild wars 2 service

1. Main Features

They are the master and the craziest when it comes to technologies. As thinkers and investors, don’t get shocked that they will deal with long or short range offense. In fact, if there is explosion and flamethrower oozing out, that means Engineer is the culprit. Not only offense, they basically have anything.
All because of the tool belt mechanic that allow the character replace their current weapon or skills. From bomb kit, Med kit, grenade kit, flamethrower, elixir gun, tool kit, to elite mortar kit, they can use them. With simply pressing F1-F4 keys, you will have brand new skills. Cool right?

2. Elite Specializations

Guild wars 2 service

If you are really into this character, you can be Scrapper or holosmith elite. Both are strong and amazing. The scrapper fight with hammer, and they are masters of function gyro that replacing the tool belt skill. They are great at reflecting, sunning, and blocking attack. They also has Gyro that function as drone to provide boons for you and allies.
How about Holosmith? This specialization has a benefit of 50% Heat bar, which is very important for this master of Photon forge. Holosmith will fight using sword, fighting the best in front of the line while using numerous skills from its tool belt skill.
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