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Have you ever imagine being an Avatar who can control 4 different elements? In Guild Wars 2 you can have this ability by becoming an Elementalist. You can control water, air, earth, even fire. This scholar profession is very well known for using their power for offense, defense, and healing the allies. This character is very adaptable in terms of elemental attunements, making them more fun to play. Interested? Check this information.

Specializations Of Elementalist

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1. Main Features

Even though they can control 4 different elements, this character is closest to be a wizard. Why? Because you will use a lot of spell cast as the power. They use it to channel and control the elemental forces.
Just as the name implies, they are famous for their ability to attune the elements and charge the weaponry. At the same time, you can use the skills for many things. If you like staying low, then you should try to be a healer.

2. Elite Specializations

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For the scholar profession, you can choose an elite profession called Weaver. Worth noting that Weaver wields a sword as the weapon. With this light yet powerful gear, they got powerful skills, namely extra crowd control. It helps you deal with multiple kinds of damage to your enemies.
Another elite you should try is Tempest. What makes this elite unique is their ability to overload their attunement. Think about it! You will get more bonus effects based on what element you use. It also brings some surprise elements, plus the gameplay is way more enjoyable since you wield Warhorns.
This character might be very appealing and exciting to try, but you need a sufficient level to be a great Elementalist. If you need a boost for leveling in the game, hire Guild Wars 2 service MMOPilot as your helpers. They will do all the hassles to level up your character. They can do it faster, so you can preserve your time. They also offer a very reasonable price. So, don’t be shy! You can hire them whenever you want.

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