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If you want to be accompanied with cute pets, and then make sure you choose Ranger as your guild wars 2 build. As a ranger, you will be closer to nature and loved by animals. Isn’t it cool to have a giant tiger as your pet? Your animal is your friend and an ally that will fight together when the condition is out of hand. Interested? Here is tad bit info for you.

Specializations Of Ranger

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1. Main Features

You belong to nature and you will use the nature as its best. This is the principle of the ranger that known as the unparalleled archers. They are master of using bows, making traps, working with nature spirits, and friend with loyal pets. The skill command is what make the Ranger is impressive. It give bon for you and your pet. There are also buff friendly targets and summon spirits skills that make this character more enjoyable to play.

2. Elite Ranger Specializations

Guild wars 2 service
Soulbeast and druid is the two elites that make ranger even more fun. Druid is the master of healing power. It is a very important character whether for a group or solo playing. While wielding Staves, druid can transformed into avatar form to boost the healing burst. All in all, when you are druid, most likely you will be welcomed in any group.
The other elite are soulbeast that wield dagger. You can see from the name that the character is basically one with the beast. Yes! Your pet is your beast. The coolest skill is the beastmode, which allow you to fuse with your pet. In this mode, you will have more bonus attribute and other pet skills to fight every enemy.
Being a ranger can be one of the greatest character in Guild Wars 2, even more so if you can reach higher level and play with high end gears. When you encounter problem in leveling up or getting certain gear, hire Guild Wars 2 power leveling service from MMOPilot. They are professional players that won’t charge you mountain. In fact, the cost is not as expensive as you think. So, don’t be shy and ask their help! so, you can conserve your energy and time for IRL.

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