New World Halloween Event – Nightveil Hallow

Nightveil Hallow is the New World Halloween event, bringing with it various activities, costumes, unique rewards, and more! Nightveil Hallow is marked by a mysterious season of change, when shades and ghouls gather in dark places. It is a time when the people adorn their houses with jack-o-lanterns and wear frightful masks.

It’s taking place from October 18th, 2023 until November 14, 2023.


During the 2023 Nightveil event you will be able to transform into some of your favorite characters like Captain Thorpe to celebrate the spooky season. Costumes can be obtained for the duration of the event from Town centerpieces and Baalphazu. The costumes are Captain Thorpe, Adiana, Anubian Reaver, and Lost Monarch.


Once you’re in costume, you can search each town for hidden treat baskets. These have a chance to contain new Baalphazu armor pieces (10% chance), 2 Nightveil Tokens (3 times daily), and a new item – candy. This limited-time consumable comes in 4 flavors. Some of the candy may help you greatly with the event activities while others may have unexpected consequences.

Items marked with daily limits will reset at 5 AM local time. For example, if a player grabs their third set of Nightveil Tokens from Treat Baskets at 4:58 AM, they’ll be able to earn another at 5:01 AM.


This world boss returns, set at Level 66, and will require you and a group of adventurers to defeat him in order to receive new armor pieces (5 times daily), costumes (3 times daily), and Ichor!

Quest Reward: Nightveil Hallow Cache

Salvatore the Mad can be found at any Cauldron throughout the towns of Aeternum, where you can bring him Ichor and ultimately finish the Nightveil Hallow questline. The rewards for doing so are as follows:

  • 5 Nightveil Tokens
  • 2 Random Nightveil Hallow weapon patterns
  • Access to the Nightveil Sentinel section of the Event Shop

Ichor Exchange: Nightveil Cauldron Cache

Salvatore will give you 1 Nightveil Cauldron Cache in exchange for each Ichor. Every cache contains multiple Nightveil Tokens and more, including:

  • 7-13 Nightveil Tokens
  • 1 Random Nightveil Hallow weapon pattern
  • Coin Bag (3 times daily)
  • 1 White Gypsum

Nightveil Hallow Event Shop

You can use the Nightveil Tokens you collect at the Event Shop to purchase new and returning rewards! The the rewards include a new emote, weapon patterns, gear skins, a Basket of Treats housing item, and several furniture items.

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