Learn More about the Way of Heroic Emblem Farm in WOTLK Classic

Learn More about the Way of Heroic Emblem Farm in WOTLK Classic

The updated currency in WOTLK is using Emblems of Heroism, so that is why almost all players try to get these. In particular, these emblems have functioned as money, the tools to purchase gear items sold by the vendors in the game. 

How to Get Emblems of Heroism

Farming the Emblems of Heroism might be interesting, but also challenging because it only exists in Heroic Dungeons. There are many ways to get the emblems in WOTLK. But, here are three primary ways that players can try to do this. 

The first one, completing the daily and weekly quests in the Heroic Dungeons or they can try to kill the Heroic Bosses in those dungeons. Moreover, this way can be repeated.

Then, the second way of Heroic Emblem Farm is finishing the quest line in Northrend. For disclaimers only, this way can not be repeated.

Lastly, players can do trading or downgrade the Emblems of Valor that they have for Emblems of Heroism. Moreover, the Emblem of Valor is high-level, so the currency needs to be considered.

The Best Quest for Farming Emblems of Heroism

The quests in the Heroic Dungeons are many, but there are two specific characteristics, which are the number of emblems gets either 5 or 1 per quest. The quest with 5 emblems is Return to Angrathar, Preparations for the Underworld, Darkness Stirs, and others. Meanwhile, for 1 emblem there are The Shadow Vault, The Crusader’s Pinnacle, and others.

Rules to Get Emblems of Heroism

Apart from the Heroic Emblem Farm process, there are some points that players should know. One of the important points is that the minimum level of characters must be 80. So, there is no way for players under that level to get the emblems.

Then, there is a limited amount of emblems that players can get for each day, which is 53 emblems. Because of this, farming emblems might be monotonous and tiring for some people. But, there is an emblems booster that players can purchase to get more emblems efficiently. (MMOPILOT)