What Are Emblems Of Heroism? How To Heroic Emblem Farm Guide?

What Are Emblems Of Heroism? How To Heroic Emblem Farm Guide?

WOTLK comes with a lot of changes and revamps, which can make some players go blank and have no idea about it. If you are a veteran in the game, you will see that heroic emblems or Emblems of heroism are the new additions to the game. But do you need it? how to get it? 

What is it about?

WOTLK adds emblems of heroism as a new currency, only or specifically for the extension. It is a prize you get from beating bosses and completing dungeon missions or weekly quests. It is pretty important to get high level epic gear and share the currency for the rest of the game. 

It is also a currency you can spend for your character and give the surplus to buy some other gear for your alts. It is something you can get only in WOTLK expansion and will be available for level 80 characters. 

How to get it? 

Generally, there are two ways to get the emblems. The first one is boss kills as every drop will give you one emblem of heroism. It needs skills and time to do so, but that is the direct way to get the prize. The other way to get the emblem is by completing a daily heroic dungeon quest, in which you get the emblem of valor. You can exchange the emblem with a heroic emblem 1 to 1. 

Unfortunately, even with the two ways to get the emblems, you still only get around 53 emblems daily. That is the cap as daily dungeons quest and heroic dungeons are time gated. And still all of them need effort and grinding. 

It saves me to say that the emblem of heroism is something you need to properly game now. As a currency, you will need it anyway. Thankfully you can get it rather easily. But to farm, you need a lot of time and effort. 

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