How to Unlock the Warclaw Mount

People who still play Guild Wars 2: Do you face a problem when you want to unlock the Warclaw mount? Don’t see any match method or tutorial to unlock the Warclaw mount? Well, this article begins down below!

How to Unlock the Warclaw Mount?


  • Buy the Path of Fire expansion.
  • Spend 1 World Abilty Points. You can gain 1 point every time you raise your WvW rank.

Step 1: Finish The Warclaw Companion Collection

  • Warclaw Emblem

Acquire a warclaw emblem by spending one World Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery section of the WvW menu.

  • Warclaw Gorget

Capture a keep in WvW mode. You can do it at the Edge of the Mists.

  • Warclaw Horn Spikes

Capture a camp in WvW mode. You can’t do it at the Edge of the Mists.

  • Warclaw Saddle

Capture a tower in WvW mode. You can do it at the Edge of the Mists.

  • Warclaw Helmet

Finish the Warclaw Reward Track. Use all of the boosters for maximum reward track EXP gain. This is the most time-consuming stage in the collection. If you complete this reward track before unlocking the collection or achievement, it may crash and not credit you retroactively.

  • Warclaw Body Armor

It costs 50 WvW Skirmish Tickets to purchase. When eaten, each item in the collection grants 5 Skirmish tickets. Only found at the borderlands’ and Obsidian Sanctum’s entrances.

  • Warclaw Leg Armor

Warclaw leg armor can also be bought using Badges of Honor at the Warclaw Tender. You need a 250 badge of honor.

  • Warclaw Tail Armor

You can loot warclaw tail armor by killing the guards.

Step 2

After you complete the Warclaw Reward Track, you will receive a Warclaw Certificate of Ownership. Use it. Then, purchase your Warclaw Mount for 8 gold from Elvie the Warclaw Tender.

Do You Have Any Tips to Unlock the Warclaw Mount?

This is only for you. We have a tip to unlock the Warclaw Mount. You can unlock several Warclaw skills by spending your World Abilty Points on the Warclaw Mastery. But once again, you need to play through the steps like we wrote before.

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