How Long to Finish South Vern Questline in Lost Ark!

Lost Ark has added a new region called South Vern. It is the highest item score area and one of the continents that contains the latest endgame content. And much of the endgame content will be bought on this new continent. Players will be able to complete the main quest and all of the additional optional side missions. Let’s note it down below!

What’s the tutorial to get it?

To enter South Vern, players must first complete the main quest until Punika, with the condition that the item score is 1340. the player meets the requirements and has completed the prequest or questline to Punika, the player will get a new quest [Guide ] South Vern, then proceed by going by ship to the South Vern continent to unlock and start the quest.

How to unlock it?

To unlock the South Vern Continent in Lost Ark, you must meet two conditions: which is finishing the main questline until Punika and achieve a minimum item score of 1340 on the character. Once done, you must go with the newly unlocked quest.

  1. Start the game and log in as your desired character.
  2. Then press J to access your quest journal.
  3. Then click on the Guide tab.
  4. Accept the purple quest called “Guides: South Vern.”
  5. The next step is to go to North Vern, which you can find in your In Progress tab.
  6. A few steps will lead you to Wishnel Village, one of South Vern’s two neighborhoods.

What’s hot in South Vern?

Additionally, South Vern’s Chaos Gate, the new Chaos Line activity, and the Thunderwings Field Boss will be included. The two Guardian Raids and the events available through Procyon’s Compass Completing the main story quests from this region will likely reward the players with more honorable gear, similar to the previous story quests. It will also unlock a new Adventurer’s Tome to complete, three dungeons, one world boss, and much more.

How long will it take to complete the questline in South Vern?

Finally, we will talk about the duration of the main quest or questline for South Vern. The quest starts from the north vein to complete the south vern with a total of 36 world quests. The average player can complete it in 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and it usually takes 2 hours for players to get used to skipping cutscenes and doing it by speed run.or it could be even faster.

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