New World Guide: How Luck Works

How luck works

Aeternum people, do you know about luck? In our favorite game–New World, you will find luck. How does it function?Take a note, grab your soda or coffee, and read it down below right now!

Can You Explain How Luck Works?

Yes we can, so far we know that there are 2 types of luck, namely Global Luck and Gathering Luck. What are they? Let’s read down below carefully.

Gathering Luck

This increases the drop chance when gathering; for instance, when we gather fiber, we have a chance to get shadecloth or blisterweave items; when we mine orichalcum, we have a chance to get cinnabar. Gathering luck in the New World only applies to gathering activities like logging, mining, harvesting, fishing, and skinning. When participating in this activity, having more luck while gathering will enhance the likelihood that you will obtain additional uncommon things as a drop.

How to increase your gathering luck?

  • Gathering trophy at the house (each trophy has a different type of gathering)
  • Added gathering luck perks in tools and armor, and jewelry.

Global Luck

This increases the chances that monsters and chests will drop items. For instance, if we kill a monster during the expedition, we might receive named weapons, rare resources, schematics, trophy materials, or unique armor. global luck A drop chance on legendary armor or weapon does not solely depend on how lucky we are. In order to be eligible to obtain legendary items with a gearscore of 600, we need to have an expertise rating of 590 or higher. You will have a greater chance of obtaining items labeled as “Legendary” if your expertise is 590 and your luck is high.

How to increase Global Luck?

  • Trophy luck at the house
  • Luck perks in every gear
  • Lucky Gem in every gear

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