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One of the best things about playing an MMORPG game is the enjoyment of crafting your own weapon. Guild Wars 2 offers that experience for you. ArenaNet has developed a game that allows players to customize their own weapons, armor, etc. Getting a specialized legendary weapon will also increase the fun you playing time to another level. But, what is it that legendry weapon exactly do? Check out more on how you can get maximum experience in GW2 by using legendary weapon below.

How to Get Legendary Weapon

Guild wars 2 service

1. What is Legendary Weapon?

Legendary weapons are sophisticated weaponry that has unique appearances. If you already get ascended weapon, then the functionality between the two are practically the same. Though, the stat combo and sigits on legendary weapons are so much higher than regular weaponry. They don’t look so it can be changed anytime you want, even if you don’t actively use it. Easiest way to get it is by crafting them in Mystic Forge. You need a lot of work and time to collect all of the needed items.

Guild wars 2 service

2. How Long Does It Take To Get It?

Getting legendary weapons is a long and often tedious process. Players that are still new on the game can be intimidated because of that. You need to invest a lot of work and time to do it. Just for estimation, you need about 1,000 hours of gameplay to get it. Yes, that is how many hours in front of the computer. More if you don’t know exactly how to get the items that you need. But, the end result is super rewarding, and one that you need to have.

1.000 hours to get one legendary weapon, it’s 41 days straight without pause. Getting it seems not worth it if you think about the amount of time that you wasted. That’s why hiring someone to get it for you seems to be the best option. A Guild Wars 2 service that is the best for the job is MMOPilot. They have an assortment of professional gamers. You can pay their service and instantly get your legendary weapon in just 2 months. This’s a great deal to have. If you need any, check out more about other services that they help!