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There is no doubt that Guild Wars 2 is very extensive and vast. Think about it! How many of the game modes inside it? A lot! from the event, adventure, to raid. Everything is fun, including the raids that played with a total of 10 players with Squad-based PvE. It means you will cooperate with teammates to defeat the environment.
That mode brings a lot of promises. Make the game more exciting and enjoyable. In fact, one of the reasons players love this mode is the big Rewards in Guild Wars 2. There are tons of raids, and each of them has different big prizes. What are they? Here is the sneak a peek for you who want to try a raid.

Rewards On A Raid

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1. Gold And Experience

Raid is one of the easiest ways to gain gold. For your first time of killing boss, you will get four gold and Compendium of knowledge. Every time you finish a raid and open the chest reward, Clink! You got it chuck of gold. You even got some experiences. If you are mischievous enough, you should use Call of the mist effect to double it. And you also got titles and prestige.

2. Ascended Armor And Weapons

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Want an easy way to get ascended gears? Every raid boss that you kill will reward different kinds of ascended. Upon you get the Rewards in Guild Wars 2, you can choose Assaulter, Defender, Healer, or Malicious Stat. Choose as you want to be. A healer is good for support, a defender will focus on the guard, and assaulter or malicious is great for offense. So, what is your choice?
The reward is understandably very mouthwatering. Who doesn’t want gold or ascended weapons? But winning or completing raids is not easy either. You should participate and has an 80+ level. If you are not confident about your skill, then ask Guild Wars 2 service to do it. You can hire MMOPilot that have professional players. They won’t charge you a lot. So, don’t be shy! They can help you conserve your time leveling your character or win a raid in no time.

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