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Completing fractal in Guild Wars 2  is not that easy. Even though you can go with a team, there are a lot of things to consider, including the Compositions. If you only think about power, then you are wrong. Balanced composition and adding a particular character is important. At some point, players know that some characters will make a completely different in the team. Who are they? Here is what you should know.

Who You Should Add In The Team

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1. Chronomancer

Don’t forget to add this character to your team. Why? Because if the player is good and has a high level, the character has a lot of beneficial skills. You can name it! Recharge energy, manipulating time, healing, slowing down the enemies, or bump up the teams’ critical hit chance. Chronomancer will make your fractal journey more fun and easier.

2. Druid

Guild wars 2 service

There is no team that brave enough to go without a healer. In this case, Druid is the phenomenal character that possesses extreme healing power, more so if they have specific build as Druid healer. With that ability, at least you add boon Support Healer or Boon Support power in the team. They also have unique offense skills, so make sure you got one cool Druid in the group.

3. Warrior

Guild wars 2 service

Since you got cool Choromancer and Helpful Druid, now you need a warrior to handle the vanguard. They are master of melee combat. Whatever their elite profession is, they will be a big helper. You can also choose Berskerker or Spellbreaker. They got a lot of skills that will make the front line even more effective and deal a lot of damage.
Just because you got the right team, it doesn’t mean playing fractal is easy. It is complicating and takes a lot of time. But how if you got no time to finish it? In that case, consider hiring the Guild wars 2 services from MMOPilot. That company has lots of professional players that can help you conserve your time and energy. So please don’t feel shy, they won’t charge you heavenly. In fact, the price is not as high as you think.

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