Griffon Vs Skyscale! Which One Do You Pick?

Griffon Vs Skyscale! Which One Do You Pick?

Talking about mount in GW2 is like buying an expensive item, especially for rare and complex flying mounts Griffon and Skyscale. Guild Wars 2 makes the two mounts favorable and appealing with distinctive aspects to give. So, which one should you pick? 

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Flying capabilities 

The first thing to consider is the flying capabilities. Griffon is the winner based on its travel distance and speed. It works best for gliding, especially if you can dive to gain speed. Thus, altitude is the key to flying a griffon. The mount can travel very fast, which allows you to reach your destination in seconds. However you need a good amount and altitude to do so. 

Skyscale is the opposite of griffon. It moves slower, has a tiny stamina bar, and is less distant. But, the skyscale is more versatile since it can gain height by rising string or by wall jumping. It is more versatile and useful for exploration. For best reference, the griffon is like a fighter jet but Skyscale is a helicopter.  

Combat actions 

Both have combat capabilities, but it is pretty limited. Generally, combat is when you press the 1 key and let the mount do an AOE attack to whatever in front of you. 


Both have a collection or achievement to unlock the mount. Effort wise, many will say that griffon is easier to get. The skyscale is a bit more expensive and complicated to do. But your option should be based on what you need or play style. 

Which one to get? 

It is best to say that the choice is on your hand. Depending on what you need and probably investment in pouring times to get the mount. 

Both can take time to get, but skyscale takes more time (and more expensive). Ability wise, griffon is the winner since it is faster to fly. But the skyscale has helicopter-like performance, which allows you to go vertical or horizontal easily.  

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