Get To Know Skyscale In GW2 – The Rare Amount For Advanced GW2 Players

Get To Know Skyscale In GW2 - The Rare Amount For Advanced GW2 Players

The new chapter of The end of dragon expansion in GW2 (Guild Wars 2) has opened many possibilities in the rare mount option. Take an example of Skyscale, the rare mount in the form of a bull with wings. What is it? Should you invest for the said flying mount? 

What Is It About? 

Skyscale is a mount, a rare or a unique one. It is not new, but still among the hardest to get. The mount itself was released during the Episode 6 Living world season 4, war eternal. It was later added to the game Path of Fire. 

Look wise, this is among the cool looking flying mounts. It has a dragon and bull horn appearance, with four legs and eagle-like claws. It also has wings that make it soar high. The mount allows you to fly horizontally and vertically, traveling fast enough from place to place. It also can cling to walls, which help reach certain places.  

How To Unlock It?

You can unlock the single uses skyscale during the Glory of Dragons story step. But for a longer and permanent ownership, you need to unlock it through several achievements. 

The achievement will take you to a story about the skyscale, caring, and learning to fly on them. The process itself take players to finish five achievements, which later give a personal skyscale. 

But before starting the achievements, one should complete the Living world season 4 stories. To make it worse, the collections are also time gated. So, it needs time to prepare and process.   

Want Skyscale Easily? 

Similar to many other rare and unique items in GW2, you will find yourself working for hours, days, or even months to fully complete the Skyscale achievements. It also needs advanced processes, which take time to do. But, if you are interested to have one quickly, consider MMOPILOT services. 

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