Is Skyscale Worth It? Things To Know Before Investing To Your Flying Mount

Is Skyscale Worth It? Things To Know Before Investing To Your Flying Mount

As the new update is here, many GW2 players are coming back. If you are among the returning players, you might see many people use Skyscale as their mount. How about giving it a try and getting the achievement? Not sure about the steps and the process? Consider the following details. 

Is It Mandatory To Have?

Just like several legendary or ascended items in the game, the mount is not mandatory. But yes, it is a worthy mount to have despite the complex and pain staking process to take. 

Generally you will find the mount to help you travel and get the map easier to do. Some people might be fine with the Griffon, but Skyscale sure has something that the other mounts cannot give. 

Things To Consider 

1. Achievement And Collections To Do 

Skyscale has some achievements to do and it takes quite some time and effort to finish. But it is not impossible. You might have to consider several times to work for the achievement, but overall this is a great mount.   

2. Some Achievement Might Need The Mount

Its capabilities is the combination of Springer and griffon, thus some achievement might demand Skyscale as the mount. One of the examples is the Rift Paths. 

3. Its Capabilities Are Helpful 

It is a great mount to help you achieve a better AP. The abilities help you collect wild magic, Xp, karma, and reach some of the complex areas (mostly on top of a cliff). Thus, a very helpful companion to exploration in multi-level terrain. 

Is It Worth? 

Since the game is still running and has possibilities to get bigger in the future, Skyscale can be a good investment. You might find some or many achievements that demand the function of the Skyscale, so give it a try. 

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