Flail Abilities Showcase – New World

The Flail is the newest weapon in New World when the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion coming on October 3rd. It’s a versatile one-handed weapon with the option for an offhand shield. The Flail allows players to bolster the group while maintaining offense. Players can use arcane magic to enhance its attacks and buff allies or debuff enemies to aid in victory. With this weapon players can choose role as support and tank.

The Flail Medium Attack Speed

The Flail has medium attack speed with extended melee range. Similar to the Sword, most Flail damage will scale to Strength, but the weapon’s utility, support, and healing will be linked exclusively with Focus instead of Dexterity. Scale exclusively with various other support functions will scale off of 65% – 100% Strength, 90% – 100% Intelligence, 65% – 100% Focus, 65% – 90% Dexterity.

The Flail Strength Builds

The Flail is a solid weapon for Focus or Strength builds. Aid in melee ranged combat and help your allies succeed with these suggested weapon pairings:

  • Flail / Life Staff

Focus and Support based weapon. The primary use is for self and group survival, and support/healing.

  • Flail / Void Gauntlet

Focus and Support based weapon. You can lean into the healing and support aspect, or utilize the Void Gauntlet’s damaging abilities for a more versatile combination of damage and support.

  • Flail / Sword and Shield

Tank and Support focused. Its primary use is for self-survival, support, and drawing aggro.

  • Flail / War Hammer, Great Axe, Hatchet, or Greatsword

Off-Tank/DPS. This combination is used as a secondary on damage focused builds to add some survivability and buffing/support.

Similar other weapons, The Flail in New World will have weapon tree and there are two weapon trees. The first is Cleric Weapon Mastery Tree that will contain the abilities Arcane Smite (area denial and damage – upgradable support), Arcane Vortex (area effect and damage – upgradable support), Arcane Eruption (damage over time and crowd control – upgradable support), the Better Together Ultimate which gives passive heal over time while in close proximity to allies, and Leader Of The Pack (notable passive) that will deal additional damage when no allies or 1 or more allies nearby.

The Second is Bastion Weapon Mastery Tree contains the abilities Barrage (gap closer and damage – upgradable support), Trip (crowd control), Warding Bludgeon (defensive – upgradable support), the Human Shield Ultimate where hitting a target with an ability while near an ally will grant them a buff that reduces damage taken and directs it to the Flail wielder, and Vital Suppressant (notable passive) allow damage taken is reduced while above 50% health and block stamina damage taken is reduced while below 50% health.

If Flail feels half as good as it sounds it will probably be one of favourite weapons in New World following the release of the expansion on October 3. If you are wanting to get this weapon but not have a lot of time for the game, check our MMOPILOT game boosting service. We can help you get all the items and weapons needed for you.