Guild Wars 2’s New Massive Expansion: Secrets of The Obscure!

Guild Wars 2 will launch its fourth expansion: Secrets of the Obscure on August 22, 2023, at approximately 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7). Just a little over a year after the release of End of Dragons in 2022, Guild Wars 2 is ready for its next expansion. We’ve shared further details on expansion’s new features, story and instanced content, and rewards.

What is Secrets of The Obscure?

The Secrets of the Obscure expansion takes Guild Wars 2 players to the skies of Tyria. Upon the initial release, players will have access to two new maps to explore. There, players will explore sky settlements and uncover the secrets of the sky.

Weaponmaster Training for Your Profession

In the expansion, every profession can wield any weapon without requiring the corresponding Elite Specialization to be equipped. If you like experimenting and optimizing your build, you’ll have a ton of new combinations to explore.

Expanded Weapon Proficiency

In this new Guild Wars 2 expansion, professions will also have access to new weapons. This grants players an array of new skills to create new builds with. This is planned for the second major release after launch.

New ways to Acquire The Skyscale

The new expansion offers a collection specifically designed for players who have not yet obtained the Skyscale. This collection can be completed without the need for the Path of Fire Expansion and rewards players with the Skyscale mount upon completion.

New Masteries and Dailies

The new Guild Wars 2 expansion introduces three new accessible masteries at launch. Advanced Flight Mastery (Skyscale), Astral Ward and Heart of the Obscure Mastery. And there will be additional fourth mastery that is scheduled for release either in 2023 or 2024.

The new expansion features a daily reward system called the Wizard’s Vault. By completing specific tasks associated with the Wizard’s Vault, players earn Astral Acclaim, an account-wide currency. This currency can be used to obtain various rewards, including both new items and cosmetic items from the gem store.

New Fractals Dungeon, Strike Missions, and Challenge Modes

Two new Strike Missions, Cosmic Observatory and Temple of Febe, are confirmed. For Fractals of the Mists, one Fractal with a Challenge Mode has been confirmed.


There are new armor sets, the new Rift Hunter and Astral Ward armor sets, with demonoc set available in a later release. Besides that, there are rich rewards. By completing story chapters, collections, and achievements, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of rewards: weapon sets, unique weapons, back items, combat tonics, infusions, guild decorations, miniatures, emotes and more. And in the future release will be introduced a brand-new set of legendary armor that becomes infused with magic in combat. For essential materials and components for legendary armor collection will be available at lauc

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