Lost Ark: A Fishing Guide

Lost Ark players, we want to introduce a trade skill that some players might not have known before. So when you are searching for a fishing guide or tutorial, you come across the right article, so read it now!

How to Catch a Fish in Lost Ark?


Fishing is also one of the trade skills in Lost Ark, whose purpose is to collect crafting materials or resources in the form of fish. This resource can also be processed or used as crafting or honing materials to get the desired item.

How to Unlock

Just like other trade skills, to be able to start fishing, you need to complete the Fishing, Bite, and time quests in Lakebar village, West Luttera. To complete this quest, you only need to have a Novice Fising Pole, or you can buy it from NPC Nickel for 1500 silver. By completing it, you will get a reward in the form of fishing tools of a higher tier.

How to Use

Unfortunately, you are unable to fish everywhere in Lost Ark; rather, you are required to do it at specified fishing places. When there is potential for fishing in a certain area, the map will display a hook symbol to indicate this fact. Simply press the “B” key to bring up the list of available trade skills. When you press the letter “E,” you will automatically switch to float fishing. The character will automatically throw the line when you press the button there. When the bobber has dropped all the way, you may reel in a fish by pressing the “E” key. Do not be fooled by a light bob on the line if a fish is approaching; the bobber has to be entirely submerged in order to indicate that a fish is nearby. To complete this task, click the right-hand goal once you have three fish in your inventory.

Fishing Skill and Passive

  • Float Fishing(Lv. 1; Active)

This allows you to cast your line in water, luring fish towards it. Your mastery skills will improve at levels four, five, and six. This will slightly increase your golden fish chances, improve fishing pole durability, and increase fishing speed.

  • Throw Bait(Lv. 10; Active)

It increases the likelihood of seeing rare golden fish.

  • Barrel Fishing(Lv. 20; Active)

It allows you to set a barrel trap in the water, passively gathering fish for harvest. You can continue to actively fish while the trap is set, increasing your overall yield over time.

  • Net Casting(Lv. 30; Active)

Uses 5 stacks of your Off the Hook buff, which is obtained randomly while fishing, to catch a large number of fish at once.

Tips and Tricks

When fishing, you may also use the “throw bait” skill to fling or distribute bait in the water, increasing your chances of getting a larger bonus.

The Best Place for Fishing

From our professional players, we have some recommendations for the best places we know for fishing. Level 1 – 10 at Wavestrand port on east luttera, level 10 – 15 at Port Krona on North vein, level 15 – 20 at Ancient flower garden on Rohandel, level 20 – 30 at Shallow sea road on Punika, the higher the tier where you fish the higher the tier reward bonus you will get.

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