New World Tips & Trick: Daily Profitable Item

Were some New World players still confused and getting too lazy to count what’s the most daily profitable item in New World? Aeternum people, don’t worry, we have a list of profitable items in the New World and some tips and tricks. Get down below now!

What’s The Most Daily Profitable Item?


Asmodeum is a tier V metal item that is highly sought after by many players.One of the benefits of asmodeum is to make armor legendary voidbent. To make asmodeum, you’re going to need 5x Orichalcum Ingot – mined from Orichalcum deposits, 1x Tolvium – Rare drop from Orichalcum deposits, 1x Cinnabar – Rare drop from Orichalcum deposits, 1x Obsidian Flux – T5 Supply Container drop, 2x Charcoal – smelt some wood, Minimum Skill smelting 200, Smelter Tier 5


Phoenixweave is a kind of cloth item tier V that can be used as a source to make legendary voidbent armor too. For phoenixweave, players will need 5 pieces of Infused Silk, 1 piece of Scalecloth, 1 piece of Blisterweave, and 1 piece of Wireweave. They will also need at least 200 loom tier V skill.


Runestone is one kind of resource item in tier V that is most needed by players that love getting into expeditions. Mutated, Tempest’s, Lazarus, Genesis, Protector’s, Siren, and Monoecious tuning orbs can be made from runestone.Runestone is also used to craft legendary weapons like Nothingness, Crystalline Curse, Meteor Trail, and Gortan’s Tainted Staff.You need to collect 5x Obsidian Voidstone, 1x Obsidian Sandpaper, 1x Lodestone (choose one between molten lodestone, freezing lodestone, putrid lodestone, Crystalline lodestone, Loamy lodestone, shocking lodestone, Gleaming lodestone) with minimum skill stonecutting 200 stonecutting tier V to make Runestone

Runic Leather

Runic Leather is a kind of leather item tier V that you are going to need as one of the voidbent source to make Runic Leather. To make runic leather, you have to collect 5x infused leather, 1x smolderhide, 1x scarhide, and 1x aged tannin, with a minimum skill of leatherworking of 200, and tannery tier V.

Are These Not The Most Profitable?

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