How to Logging in Lost Ark

This is a guide, tutorial, or anything you name it, to logging in our hot game that is from South Korea, Lost Ark. Logging is one of six trade skills or gathering resources on the Lost Ark, which involves chopping logs and gathering resources from the tree. Finally, we have done some research on how to log into Lost Ark as one of six trade skills that are available in this Amazon Game Studios game. So, enough of this opening and let’s read this!

How to unlock logging?

When you want to do logging, you have to complete a quest called “logging, chop, chop” in Blibrin Forest Luttera. After that, you will get a gathering tool, and with that tool, you can do logging.

With logging, we can chop the tree and gather the log. But not all trees can be chopped down. It follows your gathering skills. Begin with a Maple Tree, then an Abor Tree, and finally a Lush Tree, with multiple-level trees ranging from 10, 20, and 30. You can get closer to a tree and push “G” on your keyboard to start logging.

Logging skill and passive

  • Cut Tree

It is a level 1 skill, and it is kind of a passive ability. It is a standard skill used to cut trees down and get various materials.

  • Lumberjack

Lumberjack is a skill level 10, a kind of passive ability that allows you to chop down lush trees.

  • Wild Growth

At skill level 20, it is an active ability. This temporarily turns a sapling into a mature tree, allowing for extra gathering opportunities.

  • Kick Tree

It is level 30 and is kind of an active ability like kicking a tree to make various things fall down. It increases the chance of getting special rewards by 100% when you kick a tree.

Tips & Trick

Unique to logging is the ability for two players to cooperate on a single tree, significantly cutting down on the time required to harvest the node while still rewarding both players with materials. To do so, have each player stand on opposing sides of the tree and hit the “G” key at the same time. This will lead them to haul out a huge wood saw, which they will use together to cut down the tree.

The best place for logging

Levels 1–10 at Lullaby Island or Panda Island, next for levels 10-15 at Vernese Forest, and for levels 15-20, we recommend you do it at Elzowin Shade. Last but not least, for level 20 – 30 you can logging at Secret Forest or Tatika Colony. Platinum Field is also available if you have a ticket.Higher farming tier, higher tier items you can get.

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