Daily Tournament Rewards – Guild Wars 2 Service

Do you evee wondered why people love playing Guild Wars 2? One reason is due to the fact that you got lots to do in it. You can join tournaments and get the rewards. In this case, the daily tournament can be a great way to get golds, points, coins, even cool items. Curious of what you can get? Here is the answer for you.

1. Unidentified Dye

This is not a normal dye. It is very valuable, can unlock all characters, or you can use it to recycle in the mystic forge. Remember that this item is very rare and it has numerous colors and uses. You can only get this item, by winning or get into high rank upon a tournament. The higher rank you are the more items you will get.

2. Mystic Coin

What do you need to craft high tier gears or weapons? Mystic coin is one of them. You can forge them, but it need mountainous other components from it. So, why don’t you join the tournament and win it? You can get 5 coins if you go the first place, 3 for 2nd place, 2 for 3rd and 4th place, and 1 coin for 5th to 8th place.

3. Qualifying points

Many layers don’t really understand how big the function of the point is. You can get the point by participating in daily PvP tournament. If you can secure the first place, you will get 50 point. The number of point you get will be cleared each month. Having a number of this point will allow you to join for more tournament and win the game lets get the rewards.

4. Gold

Remember that gold is the main currency in the game. If you can keep on join and winning the tournament, imagine how much gold you have? Of course you can get golds from different methods, but this tournament is very rewarding. The highest reward is 25 gold. While the lowest is 5 gold that can be obtained by wining in the 9th to 16th places.
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