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We know that every players love to have fancy item in the Guild Wars 2. Whether it is weapon, gear, or mount. In this case, Griffon mount is a glorious noble beast mount. That looks cool for you to fly and travel faster. Even though the mount period is very limited, but there is no doubt that it looks awesome. Interested? Here is what you should know to unlock the mount.

Unlocking The Griffon Mount

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1. The Prerequisite

Have you finish the Path of Fire Storyline? If you do, you can do this collection. How about Springer High Vault? It has a total of 12 Mastery rank to finish! So, make sure you got at least 250 gold. Why so much money? Because each quest cost at least 25 gold increment, and you will have to do 10 mission in total.

2. The Collections

Talking about the Open Skies collection itself, this is actually one of the rare event. So, you should be prepared to go to a lot of places through Tyria. There are a total of 7 collections to do, with each of collection have different number of relics to collect. You will go to Crystal Oasis, desert Highland, Elon Riverlands, etc. You will do lots of mission and mostly snatching some griffon eggs.

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3. Time And Efforts

Collecting and finishing 7 collection seem very long, and indeed they are. Don’t ever think to finish it in a day. If you good at it, max you can do it less than a week. It is not only about time, but also effort. Think about it! travelling here and there, doing mission plus searching for eggs are tiring.
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