Prestigious Items You Get If You Win the First Place in Monthly Tournament – Guild Wars 2 Service

Guild Wars 2 is always fun with its extensive gameplay. One thing that make this MMORPG very inviting is the number of tournaments and rewards. There are a lot of them, but if you want grander rewards and prestigious items, you should try the monthly tournament. It is not easy to win, but what the reasons people keep joining them? The answer is the rare and valuable items. What are they? here is the list for you.

Be The First To Get These Glorious Items

1. Statue in Honor of You

Think about it! while people are roaming around the area, people will see your statue in honor. You can flex your skill and achievement as easy as that! How cool is that? You can get it by winning the monthly tournament. The reward will give you a statue that located in Champion’s monument to honor your greatness. The champion monument is a collection and a point of interest in Heart of the Mists. So, you will be part of the many legends.

2. Tournament Title Score

“Best of the Best” is a title score you will get as you win the tournament. This is not just a title; it will show everyone how good your skill is. Believe it or not, many legendary players of GW 2 has this titles. It is not only some information, but it also looks cooler for your profile. Do you want it? grind your ass down and fight for it on the tournament.
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3. Other Rewards

The two previous rewards might be more prestigious, but don’t forget about the other items! You can get Tournament Voucher, A gold Llama box, Champion Rest Pass, etc. All of them are unique, rare, and valuable. You can even get 100 mystic coin and possibly 5000 gold of Champion’s Mad King.
What do you think? Mouthwatering isn’t it? but you need to get proper gear and ability to won them. If you feel getting prepared is hard to do, then hire MMOPIlot for their Guild wars 2 power leveling service. They will help leveling up your character, getting the gear, or win the tournament. Don’t be shy! This service is not as expensive as you think! Even more, it will greatly help conserve your time, energy, and effort.

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