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Taking into consideration about how big the Guild Wars 2 is, there is no doubt that ones can be very confused when staring the game. Your first step in the world of GW 2 will be choosing your character. Aside from the build, there are also 3 professions you need to know. Each of them has their own perk. What are the professions? Here is your answer.

Profession Categories On Guild Wars 2

1. Soldiers

Soldier is suitable for you who love fight toe-to-toe with the enemy in the front line and let the adrenaline kick you. The heavy armor and wide variety of strong weapon is always looks badass for this profession. They are known for higher defense and heal bar, which is to cover the lack of healing skills. From this profession, further down you can choose Guardian, revenant, or warrior as the build.

2. Adventurers

What make adventurers stand out is the ability to wield unique and appealing weaponry. From the colorful bow to the strong firearm rifles, this profession is more versatile in term of attack range. While wearing medium armors, adventurer has light feet that great to dance around the enemy territory and mocking them with your agility. Under this category, you can be engineer, ranger, or thief.

3. Scholars

For those who enjoy the whimsical side of magic, then choose scholar as your profession in GW 2. The four elements, shadow, dead, or dark magic will be your expertise. In this case, scholar is the mystical creature that enveloped with the magical power. They use it for attack, defense, or support. From healing to manipulate your enemy, they are the ability of Elementals, Mesmer, or necromancer.
So, what are you going to choose? Choosing one profession is not that hard, but leveling them up can be another type of challenge. With that said, you can boost the progress if you hire Guild wars 2 service. It is better if you opt for MMOPilot, which is renowned for their expertise in leveling up faster. This idea will help you conserve your time, energy, and money (the price is not as expensive as you think). So, don’t be shy and worry! Check their site now!

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