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Do you love playing Guild wars 2 and brawling in the front line? Then, warrior will make your gameplay way more fun. They are the master of deadly physical combat skills that rely on the strength, toughness, speed, and heavy armor. They are fueled with adrenaline, that getting more dangerous the longer they are in the battlefield. Interested? Here is the sneak peek of this build.

Specialization Of Warrior

Guild wars 2 service

1. Main Features

Melee combat is your expertise. Fighting hand in hand in the front line will definitely advantageous for you that is the weapon master. What makes this build interesting is the vast weapon mastery. You can choose more weapons than other profession.
Along with that, you don’t need to worry about adrenaline. Warrior has abilities to gain more adrenaline when fighting. They also have higher base health, which make them harder to defeat in the front-line while able to deliver heavy blows for each of their attacks.

2. Elite Specializations

If you want to be the elite warrior, you can either choose Berserker or spellbreaker. The spellbreaker really did picture their name, with their ability to counter enemies attack. Using dual dagger as the weapon, spellbreaker have full counter adrenaline ability that fill up the meditation skill and provide full counter, a true badass in the frontline.
If you like the wilder elite, then berserker is your choice. The name has implied this elite’s ability. They are a master of getting angry that has powerful burst and hard-to-see fast attack, that known as primal bursts. Berserker fight using the strong torches weapon which make the elite appear different and unique.
It is obvious that fighting in the front line as the warrior need a lot of preparation. From the gears, skills, to levels, the higher they are the better the fighting ability is. But the process is not that easy, especially if you got busy IRL. Hiring Guild Wars 2 service from MMOPilot is the best solutions. They go numerous advanced players that can level up your character faster with affordable price. So, don’t be shy! They will help conserve your time to play the game.

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