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Fighting with the right profession is the main role of succeeding a raid in Guild Wars 2. However, not every player (especially a noob) knows how to use their profession. If you are a new comer in GW 2, opt for the starter or intermediate professions. They are easier to play and quite important in the team. What are they? Here is your answer.

Starter Profession For Raid

1. Warrior

If you see someone fighting in the close range, that is warrior. Despite their reckless playing style, this kind of profession is the easiest and useful profession for raid. It is particularly getting better if you can be a banner warrior. Warrior is a great damage dealer that also provides defense and support using their shield plus skills. They got easy skill rotation, which is great for new comer.

2. Guardian

If you don’t know where to start or what to play, guardian will be the great pick for you. Guardian has builds that very useful in the raid, such as the Dragonhunter that are very effective to fight raid bosses. It is not only have easy mechanism, but you don’t need to change out-build and armor or gear up the profession. So, basically this is the basic of the basic profession for newbie.

3. Ranger

In case you are worried about healing power, not well at close range combat, and prefer magic, ranger is the best for you. Ranger may not 100% using magic, but you got the high chance to use healing power and animal. Druid is one of the best build on ranger. It has unbeatable healing ability and other-worldly skills that will be very beneficial for supporting your raid team.
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