Ascended Gear And Legendary Armor In Guild Wars 2? Which One To Get?

Ascended Gear Or Legendary Armor In Guild Wars 2? Which One To Get?

Talking about items in GW2 (Guild Wars 2), you will find ascended gear and legendary armor as something precious. Both are very rare and demand a long list of achievements to acquire the items. But what are they and which one should you pick? 

What Is Legendary Armor?

The item is legendary (rarity) in other words something very rare that people will see it as a unique item to have. It has high stats, capabilities for attribute combination, and swap out the runes or infusion easily. Player can acquire it from crafting through several items from PVE, PVP, or WVW. 

What Is the Ascended Gear? 

Similar to legendary, Ascended gear is items at the ascended rarity. It means that it is the higher version of several basic (pre requirement) items, which explains the crafting and item gathering process. It is also a high leveled item, only people with 500 levels at certain skills can do it. 

The Biggest Difference Ascended Gear And Legendary Armor !

The main difference from the two rare items is the appearance and process. Both share similar stat, which means you don’t need to expect higher stat from the legendary or vice versa. 

Legendary items allow changing stats easily and at will. So, you don’t need more effort in using mystic forge, just like ascended armor. 

Which One To Get?

Base your option depending on your need or way to play. Both share several aspects, including states. But most people go for the best looks and cosmetic purposes. So, think carefully and see whether you are able to achieve them or not. 

Not sure on what to get since both options are pretty much complex to obtain? It can be said that acquiring the two items will take more than just money. A dedication and time are also needed. 

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