Do You Need Legendary Armor In Guild Wars 2? Is It Worth?

Do You Need Legendary Armor In Guild Wars 2? Is It Worth?

There are many things you can get from several hidden or long achievements in Guild Wars 2. If you are going for high end items, legendary armor might be on your list. But do you really need it? What makes the legendary armor legendary?

What Is Legendary Armor? 

It is basically a set of armor that is under legendary rarity. The legendary items can give you several high stats, unique appearance, and some cool effects. In GW 2, the legendary armor is added around July 2021, along with the new expansion. 

It works like many other similar gears, which you can change anytime and improved with runes and infusion slots. What makes it desired is the specific or unique appearance for every character. 

How To Get It? 

Generally, you need to craft the armor from many ingredients. You also need several primary components, secondary, tertiary, and several moneys to get the items for crafting. It is also categorized into the PVE, PVP, and WVW armor set. So, you can pick based on the play style.  

Is It Worth the Money And Effort? 

Considering the legendary rarity, the armor is simply different from many other items. It gives you a unique appearance, high level stats, and experience. But sure, the achievement is a bit on the expensive side. 

You do not only need to spend some money, you also need season caps, several rare items, and it always takes time. Worthy or not the answer is mostly subjective.  For people who love crafting, it is a good challenge. But sure, it can take a lot of time and dedication. 

Need a hand to get them? 

It is given that MMO games will have several long lists of activities for the player to get something. In GW 2, legendary armor is considered among the prestigious and rare items. You need to craft, spend money, or time. 

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