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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (abbreviated as Cata), is the third expansion for World of Warcraft. Set primarily in a dramatically reforged Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms on the world of Azeroth, the expansion set follows the return of the evil Dragon Aspect Deathwing the Destroyer—formerly known as the ancient guardian Neltharion the Earth Warder—who causes a new Sundering as he makes his cataclysmic re-entrance into the world from Deepholm, the elemental plane of earth

Cataclysm returns players to the two continents of Azeroth for most of their campaigning, after years away in Outland and Northrend, opening new zones such as Mount Hyjal, the sunken world of Vashj’ir, Deepholm, Uldum and the Twilight Highlands. It includes two new playable races, the worgen from the legendary kingdom of Gilneas for the Alliance, and the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel from the isle of Kezan for the Horde. Among the many new developments in the expansion are the increase of the level cap to 85, the ability to use flying mounts in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, the introduction of the secondary profession Archaeology, and the debut of reforging, as well as updates to player classes, new race-class combinations, and a dramatic restructuring of the world itself (with major revisions to existing content from the original release of the game).

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World of Warcraft Fans Recreates Iconic Cataclysm Dungeon in Minecraft

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Battleground PvP Gear in Cataclysm Patch 4.2 / Arena Season 10 | Cynwise's  Warcraft Manual

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