With Over 20 Million Players, Lost Ark has Become The Most Popular Game Beat New World

Shocking news comes from the world of MMORPGs, or the massively multiplayer online role-playing game genre. What’s that? Lost Ark became the most popular game to beat New World. Is this true or just a rumour? Read our article below!


As a fantasy game, Lost Ark has many interesting and exciting things to offer, like how each character class has a unique, Dragon Age-style introduction to the game, providing an original story for that class while guiding the player from level one to level ten. Moreover, the spectacular combat, the creative character powers, the varied and exciting dungeons, and the wild swings the game’s central adventure takes.
While the game’s story isn’t amazingly told, as an adventure it’s constantly taking you to new and exciting places, which can vary significantly in theme and tone. And also, there are many game aspects that add more excitement for players. For a large portion of the progression through the story, players will experience the hack and slash elements of the game. 
In other words, there’s a lot of repetitive action where the in-game character kills off hordes of enemies. And there’s also the persistent online side of the game that more MMO-oriented players will enjoy, from participating in raids, completing daily challenges and grouping together to battle powerful zone bosses, to gathering resources in the world and using them to build out your home fortress, which is unique to every player. There’s a lot to keep you coming back for more, and if you’re the type of player who prefers to focus on one game for all-encompassing game, this is the game for you.

Lost Ark launch in the United States

Lost Ark is actually not a new game in the MMOARPG world. Lost Ark is a game originating from the K-pop country, South Korea, that carries the action role-playing game genre that can be played online, massively, and multiplayer. Lost Ark itself was launched in 2019 by Smilegate as a publisher. After rumors and rumors and a pretty tiring wait, this game launched on American and European servers in February 2022 through Amazon Game Studios.
Although it seems that it only took 3 years, the making of this Lost Ark game has spanned almost a decade, namely since 2011. At that time, Lost Ark was named “Project T.” Therefore, the launch in America is highly anticipated by RPG genre lovers who like the Diablo-like appearance.

Beat New World

Lost Ark managed to break the record for the most active players with over 900 thousand, or 984,111 players. This beats popular games owned by rival publishers, Valve. Dota 2 (318,561 players) and CS:GO (435,033 players) are the most popular games. This makes Lost Ark shine at the top of the game rankings with the most active players at release.
The surprising thing happened again: Lost Ark has surpassed 20 million players on the Steam version (a global game distribution platform), although it hasn’t even been a month since the release of the Western version (for American and European servers). This makes Lost Ark officially beat a game that is in the publisher’s Amazon Game Studios, namely New World. This is most likely since the developer, namely Smilegate, opened a new server for Western Europe.
It was reported by a news site in South Korea, Yonhap News, that Smilegate announced Lost Ark as a game that has surpassed 20 million active users globally.

Not Yet Available in Southeast Asia

Although there is a lot of excitement for this game that combines action and RPG elements, Amazon Game Studios has yet to open its server doors to the Southeast Asia region. The game, which just did maintenance in early March, plans to focus on catching up with the Korean version of Lost Ark. It is also expected to open other servers in the future. The game developer tells all current players to be patient before enjoying some features & gameplay that are similar to or the same as the eastern or South Korean versions.

Lost Ark Appearance

Many think this game is very similar to New World. The game, which has not even been launched for a month, has been nicknamed by haters as New World 2.0. In fact, this game is similar to Final Fantasy and has a distinctive Diablo appearance like other South Korean MMO games.
Here you are also required to grind and fight other players, just like in other online RPG games. What makes Lost Ark popular is the rich storyline with many monsters and quests to complete. Meanwhile, New World, with its storyline, only managed to make some players reach the endgame stage.

Free to Play 

You can play this game for free because this game is free to play. You can get that information based on the official website of Lost Ark. For those of you who have purchased this game through Steam, you will see a typical game appearance just like in the original version. You are required to grind and fight other players and defeat monsters. However, the higher your level, the more you will find it difficult to grind.
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