Normal Way to Craft Legendary Weapon Gen 3 in Guild Wars 2

Craft Kegendary Weapon Gen 3 Guild Wars 2

Getting confused or dizzy while playing Guild Wars 2? This legendary game that has existed for more than 10 years is still a magnet for newbies. But, do you encounter problems when you want to craft a legendary weapon in Gen 3? One day, one way. We love to share. Check it out down below!

Do You Have a Tutorial for Crafting Legendary Weapons in Gen 3?

Yeah, we do. But first, you need to max out your Arborstone Revitalization mastery. You need it to unlock the vendor who needs to buy an Antique Summoning Stone. And for the next, you just have to do four steps that we will share right now!

How to Craft Legendary Weapon Gen 3 in Guild Wars 2?

  • Step 1

Don’t forget to buy an antique summoning stone from the vendor every week. You need 100 of them. But, you can only buy 5/week. For your concern, the five of them have different prices for each piece. So it will take 20 weeks to complete your legendary weapon.

  1. 1 gram of gold (20 weeks = 20 g)
  2. 10 Green Prophet Shards (20 weeks = 20 GPS)
  3. 10 Unusual Coins (20 weeks = 20 Unusual Coins)
  4. 20 Imperial Favors (20 weeks = 20 Imperial Favors)
  5. 7000 Karma. (140.000 karma in 20 weeks)

You can get five of them from the daily Canthan Strike mission. As a result, you’ll need two daily Canthan Strike Missions per week.You can gather it from chests scattered throughout Canthan.

  • Step 2
  • 5000 Imperial Favor Farm
  • It includes your needs for buying an Antique Summoning Stone. You can get it from several events and daily Heart Quests on the Canthan map. For extra gold, you can also sell the maps that you got from this part.
  • Finishing the End of Dragons Maps
  • Like in the previous generation of Legendary Weapons, you also need to complete maps that are related to the expansion. In this case, you need to complete the End of Dragons maps. You can do this part while you farm Imperial Favor, since you need so much of it. You can just pass by some spots while you farm Imperial Favor. For extra gold, you can also sell the maps that you got from this part.
  • Spirit Shard Farm 320
  • You can also do this part while you farm Imperial Favor. What you need is a maxed EXP bar on EoD masteries. Just leave the EXP bar maxed and untrained. Your accumulated EXP will be converted into Spirit Shards.If you have already got enough of Imperial Favor but your needs for spirit shards are still not fulfilled, you can continue farming spirit shards on other maps. Our suggestion is the Dragonfall or HoT maps. Those maps will give you a lot of experience. The condition is still the same: maxed EXP bar. For extra gold, you can also sell the maps that you got from this part.
  • 30.000 Farm Research Note
  • There are 2 ways to get a research note. The first one is salvaging any items that can be salvaged using the Research Salvage Kit. Higher rarity will give you more research notes, and the last one is to buy it from the Trading Post.
  • Step 3:

We like to call it the WvW Gift of Battle. So you have to do WvW as always without any exception. While doing WvW, you can also get some spirit shards. By leveling the WvW rank, For every rank you reach, you will receive 1 tome of knowledge. You can also get 3 spirit shards by doing daily WvW. Then you can exchange every Tome of Knowledge you get from WvW into a spirit shard. 1 Tome equals 1 spirit shard.Not bad, right?

  • Step 4

Well, this last part is crafting. You can craft after completing all the previous parts. You can start by buying the materials either from a vendor or a trading post. Use as a crafting guide and it will be easier to craft. The Antique Summoning Stone is the one that will make you take a long, long time just to complete one Legendary Weapon Generation 3. Actually, you can just buy it on the Trading Post for 15g. So it will be around 1500g for 100 of them. For some people, it will be a little too pricey. And if you choose the fast way, there will be some adjustments to what items you need to farm and how much you need to pay. And if you can’t patiently wait for 20 weeks straight (without any rest) just to get one weapon, you can buy it from Mmopilot, a boosting and leveling service that is trusted and experienced in boosting and leveling. Mmopilot has more services than you think. And maybe you won’t believe it unless you check it out right now!
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