Tournament of Legends: Prestigious Items that You Get By Being the First Winner – Guild Wars 2 Service

Tournament of Legends: Prestigious Items that You Get By Being the First Winner – Guild Wars 2 Service

There are many types of tournaments that are being held by ArenaNet every day. They often open up special events that happen every now and then. There are Dwayna’s Duo and Tournament of Legends. For this one, we will talk about the most exciting thing about joining the Tournament of Legends, which is the price! This will be of course a privilege to have. So, check these items to get you excited for the upcoming tournament. That way, you can work and play smart to be the number one!

Rewards from Tournament of Legends

1. Legendary Choice Box

If you’re successful in getting yourself being the number one winner, you can gain access to the Legendary Choice Box. As the name suggested, you can pretty much choose what kind of legendary items that you want. From Astralaria, Frenzy, until Verdarach, you can get whatever your heart desire. As you know, getting a legendary item is hard and takes too much time if you craft your own. You can buy them off of a Guild Wars 2 service like MMOPilot if you fail to win the Tournament of Legends.

2. Black Lion Claim Ticket

You will get two of these. Having it in your possession will be super valuable to you. You can get them exchanged for weapon skins at the Black Lion Weapon Specialist. But, if you don’t think you need it, you can actually even convert them into liquid gold so you can have a massive collection of it. Either way, whatever you decide in the end what to do with it, having it as your possession will be a great advantage.

Other trinkets and things that you will get from being the first one on this special event is getting a Champion’s Rest Pass, you can also gain a Permanent-Finisher Choice Box. With that, you can have access to the permanent choice of finisher. Also, get yourself a Llama Mini Choice Box and 1000 Gems to pocket! Which those items are super amazing and valuable to have! Get yourself gear up and be the number one of the Tournaments of Legends.

You can still get many of the reward items if you work hard to get it. There are a lot of ways to obtain them. But, the fastest way is by hiring a Guild Wars 2 service. A leveling company like MMOPilot is a great way to help you achieve your accomplishment a lot faster. Starting from leveling up a lot faster, getting your legendary, and mount, everything can be done in under no time. Go to their website to find out what other offers that they have. Make sure to check them out!

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