Things To Know About Heroic Emblem In WOTLK – Farm Guide

Things To Know About Heroic Emblem In WOTLK – Farm Guide

Heroic emblem might be one of your big needs in WOTLK. If you are up to this state or level 80, you will see that the WOTLK makes the game even harder. The Heroic emblem is one of the currencies in the game, which you need to advance your hero. But is it that easy to farm? Here are things to know beforehand. 

It Is Part Of Dungeon Awards

Introduced as part of three emblems, conquest, heroism, and valor, you can get all three from heroic dungeons, boss kills, and so on. But most of the emblems can only be achieved from the WOTLK expansion. 

The emblem of heroism itself is a reward of completing quests, killing heroic bosses, and heroic dungeons. However, there is a time gate that maxes out the number of rewards. At max, you likely only get around 53 emblems after completing all daily quests and dungeons. 

What Do You Use The Emblem Of Heroism For? 

As a WOTLK currency, the emblem is pretty much the high end items you need to get. It is something you exchange for 200 item level gear, heirloom’s, frost orb, and tier seven pieces. It is also linked to your other characters or alts. So you can always give the surplus to other characters.   

Valor And Heroism Is Interchangeable 

If you ever need more or less of the emblem, you can always interchange it with emblems of valor. It means you can swap both items and vice versa. However, you can exchange the conquest with valor only. You can do the exchange with a vendor in the underbelly. 

Please note that the vendor locations are only available or located within the wall of Dalaran. You might also find them in either Silver enclave (alliance) or sunreaver’s sanctuary (horde). 

You can say that the heroic emblem farm is close to impossible. The best you can expect is to get the maximum daily amount. Other than that, you don’t have enough to do. In other words, you need to grind the process. We can help you with that. Check our catalog in MMOPILOT for the heroic emblem farm.