Skyscale Achievement Guide 2: Saving Skyscales – Skyscale Of Life And Blood GW2

Skyscale Achievement Guide 2: Saving Skyscales - Skyscale Of Life And Blood GW2

The next part of saving skyscales achievements to unlock the skyscale mount, your next collection is the Sksycale of life and blood. First of all you need to collect four items located in different places. Depending on the collection itself, your mission might be slightly different. Here are the hint. 

Skyscale of life 

Start the collection by speaking with the priestess of Dwayna at the Plaza of Dwayna in Divinity’s reach. After that, the Skyscale of life demands you to revive 18 allies in total. You can do it anywhere with plenty of NPCs. Some of the locations are Temple Masons, in Destiny’s gorge waypoint, Diviner’s reach, Jeztar fall, or at the Town of Nageling. 

You will get the items every time you reach a certain number. The first one is Giver of life (3 allies), champion of life (6 more allies), and commander of Life (revive the last 8 allies). 

Skyscale of blood 

If the skyscale of life asks you to revive, the Skyscale of blood asks you to fight several foes. Start this collection by speaking to general Almorra soulkeeper at Pact command in Dragonfall. After the first item, go defeat foes under the effect of Almorra’s directive. 

For this collection, you can do it simultaneously with Skyscale of life, work in PvE or WvW map, or take advantage of a group of pocket raptors at Auric Basin. You will get the Taker of blood for 25 kills, Champion of blood for 50 more kills, and commander of blood for the next 75 foes. 

Every Saving skyscale achievement or collection forces you to go somewhere, get something to do with the elements, and collect the items. The items can be five or four. And it not only takes time, but also skills since some of them require you to fight or contact several environments.

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