Skyscale Achievement Guide 2 Saving Skyscales – Skyscale Of Growth And Death GW2

Skyscale Achievement Guide 2 Saving Skyscales - Skyscale Of Growth And Death GW2

Saving Skyscale achievements come with various other sub collections, and two of the processes are the Growth and Death. For this part, you are going to collect four to five items based on the achievement story. Here is a bit of a hint to get a collection. 

Saving Skyscales – Skyscale Of Growth

You start the Skyscale of growth by speaking to a teacher in Omphalos Chamber above the grove. Get to the teacher that was in the circle of students. You will get The Nature of Growth item. 

The second item is obtained when you go to Brightwater inlet in desert highland and place the skyscale egg in the dirt of the strawberry path. Do the same for the third item at Necropolis in the Domain of Vabbi, put the egg in the dirt of artichokes. The third is on the cauliflower patch at Elon Flow in Elon Riverland, and the last one is on the dirt of the carrot patch in the bonestrand in the desolation. 

Saving Skyscales – Skyscale Of Death

For the skyscale of death, you need to start by speaking to sister Lissa at the necropolis in the domain of Vabbi. After that you got to visit several places with a dead story in it. The second item is when visiting Exile rest in elon riverland. 

The third item is at the Bone palace in the Desolation, but you need to finish or fail an event of Defeating the Canid Throneguard to open the throne doors. The item is on Joko’s throne. 

The fourth is at the Tomb of the primeval king in the desert highland, and the last is at the champion’s dawn in the domain of Istan. 

Some of the collection under the saving skyscale is bound to take every player to reach certain places and do something. It can be a bit annoying and it is just a piece of many others achievements to follow. 

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