GW2 Unlock Mount “SKYSCALE”

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Basic Mount lvl 3
Basic Gliding Mastery
Unlock Living World Season 4
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Unlock Mount “SKYSCALE”

The Skyscale is a mount released with the Episode 6 of Living World Season 4, War Eternal. It is the third new mount added to the game since the release of Path of Fire. Upgrades to the skyscale mount improve its flight ability.


  1. Completing the Skyscale collections requires that you have completed (at least) two specific chapters of Living World Season 4:
  • Legacy (the third chapter of the fourth episode A Star to Guide Us – you need this to unlock access to Sun’s Refuge)
  • Descent (the last chapter of the last episode War Eternal – this unlocks the first quest Newborn Skyscales)

You will also need access to all six season 4 maps, which you can get by purchasing all six chapters.

2. These collections are time gated. Some steps, such as unlocking another of the five main collections requires waiting for 2 hours after the previous step. The total minimum time needed to unlock the mount is 3 days plus 8 hours.

  • The effect. Waiting for Gorrik tracks how long until you can progress to the next step.

3. You must be logged in on a character that has finished the Descent story and the epilogue to receive a mail to unlock subsequent achievements, but any character can complete the collections after they are unlocked.


Skyscales are a new species of lesser dragons born from the Mists out of the disturbances caused by Kralkatorrik and Aurene.1 Similar to other lesser dragon species, like wyverns and drakes, while they are capable of consuming magic, they are not capable of ascending into Elder Dragons.2 The original Skyscales were “born” from the Mists fully grown, resulting in an accelerated growth rate that eventually killed them prematurely. However, the next generation were born from eggs normally and do not suffer from this accelerated aging.3

Notes Unlock Mount “SKYSCALE

  • A skyscale has 5932 health.
  • Like all mounts, the Skyscale can be dyed before being unlocked. The dye will affect any borrowed Skyscale around Dragonfall.
  • During Skyscale Care, the skyscale hatchling will visibly grow after every reset according to the event progress bar.



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