New Class ‘Aeromancer’ Will Arrive In Lost Ark On August 16th


The Aeromancer is the second Specialist class in Lost Ark, and she is a wind-focused DPS and uses skills based in mystical illusion and performs them with the help of her umbrella. Her identity is called Sun Shower and as she fights she has a raindrop meter so every time she strikes an enemy that starts to fill up. When it’s full, she can use Sun Shower, which has dual purposes. Basic attacks and movement skills will evolve while she’s active, damaging nearby enemies while the effect lasts. At the same time, the skill will also reduce damage she and her party take. It’s important to note that Sun Shower’s effectiveness is not influenced by the spec stat.

Essentially, if you enjoy the showiness of strong, quick, and damaging weather effects and attacks, while letting you plan what to unleash next, consider the Aeromancer.

Class Mechanics

When utilizing the Windfury engraving, the Sun Shower AoE becomes smaller, and the rate at which the gauge is consumed increases by 50%. In this configuration, Sunshower no longer reduces the damage enemies inflict upon allies. Instead, it grants a 12% attack and movement speed buff to allies who are positioned within the AoE. Furthermore, utilizing an Umbrella skill within a 3-second timeframe after another Umbrella skill will restore 12% of your maximum Raindrop gauge.

With the Drizzle engraving active, the effectiveness of Weather damage is amplified by 7/15/30%. Additionally, the consumption of the gauge is reduced by 50%, allowing for more sustained use of Aeromancer’s abilities.

Awakening Skills

Storm’s Approach can create a huge tsunami at the target location within 12 meters. Inflicts Water Damage to the foes and pulling them in and knock them away. And reduceding their Crit Resistance.

Narr’s Blade throwing the umbrella up and quickly slash at foes in front, inflicting damage and disappearing. Catch the falling umbrella and perform a powerful Footwork Skill, inflicting Damage to the foe in front and penetrate with the sword, inflicting Damage and blast the foe away.

Strengths And Weaknesses


  • Good Sinergy
  • High Damage Floor
  • Good Destruction (Windfury)
  • High Stagger
  • Low Skill Floor


  • Horizontal Investment Needed
  • Low Damage Ceiling
  • Bad Destruction (Drizzle)

The Aeromancer will arrive alongside with multiple progression events to help players to level her up quickly and a new South Vern powerpass.

Don’t miss Lost Ark’s New Class ‘Aeromancer’ debut on August 16th, 2023. If you need help about anything to boost this new class, just call us and don’t forget to take a look at our website