Lost Ark’s New Class ‘Soul Eater’ Overview

Lost Ark is introducing a new class and a new event on November 15, 2023. The new class is the Souleater, an Assassin subclass who wields a giant scythe and summons the dead to aid her in battle.

Of course, the developers don’t want players to have to spend too much time leveling up their Souleater from scratch, so there will be events and promotions to help players get her up to speed and into the endgame as fast as possible. The event is progression event, a special event that helps players level up and gear up a new Souleater character, built to progress a character quickly from 1490 to 1610, or any character between Item Level 1415 and 1540.

In this article, we will explain the progression events and Souleater class details including identity – deathlord mode, engravings, skills, awakening skills, strengths and weaknesses.



An Event South Vern Powerpass is a special event that runs from November 15, 2023, to February 7, 2024. Pairing well with the The Super Mokoko Express Event, players will be able to level up and gear up a new Souleater character, or any character between Item Level 1415 and 1540. With this events, players will earn valuable rewards as they level up, including Silver, honing materials, high level Gems, Engravings, and more. The Super Mokoko Express also includes an Engraving Support system that lets players choose 5 engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event.


The Path of the Souleater is a new progression event that helps players level up from 1490 to 1610. The event applies a Gear Honing Support Effect that reduces the amount of gold and materials needed to hone Brelshaza Ancient Gear, as well as increases the honing rates and the artisan’s energy. The event also rewards players every 10 Item Levels, with a particularly valuable reward at 1580. The event also includes special missions to earn additional raid and abyssal dungeon materials. The Path of the Souleater event can be used by any character between 1490 and 1610, not just a Souleater. The event can be used until February 7, 2024.



The Souleater gains Soul Stone or fills the possession meter depending on the abilities used. Lost Ark players can use Soul Stones to use Deathlord skills, and once the possession meter is full, can enter Deathlord mode. When in Deathlord mode players can apply a powerful buff and use Deathlord skills up to 3 times without consuming Soul Stones.


Full Moon Harvester – This engraving will increase Souleater’s critical hit rate, Night’s Edge Possession Meter turns into Edge Meter, disabling Deathlord Mode. Edge Meter increases upon using Deathlord Skills. When the Edge Meter is full, Deathlord Skills are disabled for 12s, but Ghast Skills are enhanced. Using Deathlord Skills does not consume Soul Stones. However, upon gathering 3 Soul Stones, instead of consuming all, the enhanced Deathlord Skills are used. Ghast and Deathlord Skills’s Damage increased. Additionally, the enhanced Deathlord Skills’s Damage increased also.


Ghast Skills

The skills are all about striking with a dagger or scythe, and even throwing or swinging the weapon forcefully. These are Souleater’s Ghast skills:

  • Harvest – Strike with dagger quickly empowered by the Ghast
  • Lunatic Edge – Move forward, inflicting Damage
  • Rusted Nail – Inflicts Damage with a powerful upward swing
  • Thrashing – Throw the scythe like a boomerang to foes in the path of trajectory.
  • Ghost Step – Quickly swing the scythe forward and knocking back foes.
  • Lethal Spinning – Move quickly right and left heading forward while swinging the scythe and pull foes close.

Stygian Skills

The skills are focused on summoning the dead. Summon different types of spirits, each with a different purpose or role. These are Souleater’s Stygian skills:

  • Gluttony – Summon a Predator Spirit to the front. Launch foes into the air. Jump into the air and swing the scythe down again and knocking foes back.
  • Death Order – Summon a Dead Assaulter within target location. Assaulters charge the target location and launch foes into the air.
  • Spectral Coffin – Summon the coffin of the dead from the underground and push them back.
  • Astaros – Summon Inner Demon Astaros and charge it towards the foes and knock them away.
  • Soul Drain – Absorb the energy of the dead and pull foes close. Then release the energy of the dead and pushes foes back. Players can change the direction while using this skill.
  • Death Yard – Gather the wandering souls of the dead and emit them forward.

Deathlord Skills

The skills is focused on scythe-based moves that players can enhance greatly through the use of Deathlord Mode. Deathlord Mode is something Souleater achieves by filling the Possession Meter with each attack or by earning Soul Stones. Once the meter is full, players can choose to activate Deathlord Mode and use Deathlord skills of their choice three times without using resources. When players use these skills Souleater will be extra brutal and more powerful. These are Souleater’s Deathlord skills:

  • Reaper’s Scythe – Channel the Deathlord’s power into the scythe and knock down the foes. On Deathlord Mode, Deathlord appears and attacks with greater power.
  • Death Slash – Erupts the condensed souls of the dead with the Deathlord’s power. It then explodes and knocks down foes. On Deathlord Mode, the caster is suspended in air with the Deathlord. The Deathlord personally cuts the condensed souls of the dead and explodes it and knocks down foes.
  • Guillotine Swing – The Scythe of Destruction sweeps across and knocks foes away. On Deathlord Mode, an even more powerful Deathlord scythe is dropped on foes and knock them away.
  • Vestige – Uses the Deathlord’s power to momentarily pierce through foes. On Deathlord Mode, The attack avoids Collision with adventurers and Guardians.

Awakening Skills

These are Souleater’s Awakening skills:

  • Deathbringer – Gathers a great power and swings the scythe forward alternating with the Deathlord. After that, smashes the front and knocks down foes.
  • The End – Call upon the Deathlord in darkness, then gather energy from lost souls to pull foes close. When all souls are gathered, they are severed to inflict Damage and knock foes down.


Unlike other classes, where overall damage depends on status, Souleater has more freedom. She can more freely execute her identity during her skill cycle. And Our opinion, Souleater’s strength is also her high mobility, and high damage. And her non-directional attacks make Beginners can use her skills with great ease. Of course, Souleater has weaknesses like low defense and low HP. But we still think that Souleater is great brand-new profession in Lost Ark.

That’s overview of Souleater in Lost Ark, and now you know all about Souleater’s skills, engravings and progression event. To see detail updates in Lost Ark, you can check out on the Lost Ark site.