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The concept of Guild Wars 2 might look the same as most other MMORPG online games. However, this game is different than other online games. This game has more kinds of characters and the items. Not only that, Guild Wars 2 service provides dynamic events that make the players surprised by events.

To support these events, the developer of Guild Wars 2 made a very large area for battlefield. This game provides several cities that you can explore to get lots of gold coins and also XP for upgrading your items. Not only cities, this game also provides a establishment that is not the same as the city. To find out more, here are the list of establishment in Guild Wars 2.

List of establishment in Guild Wars 2

1. Heart of Maguuma

The first establishment in the Guild Wars 2 service is Heart of Maguuma. In Heart of Maguuma, there are 3 more parts, namely:

A. Jaka Itzel

This area is a large tree village area in the Verdant Brink region. This area has a leader named Kaana Miatli which is the nimble house of Itzel tribe of hylek.

B. Tarir

The second area at Heart of Maguuma is the famous Tarir with the nickname the forgotten city. As the name suggests, this city is a kind of old city in the Auric Basin. This city is a residence of mysterious Exalted led by Luminate. The citizens in this city are very loyal to cooperate in protecting their city.

C. Teku Nuhoch

The third area is Teku Nuhoch which is a large village but is located inside a giant tree with holes in Tangled Depths. This Temoat is the home of a sturdy Nuhoch tribe of hylek.

2. Crystal Desert

The second establishment in Guild Wars 2 is Crystal Desert. There are 2 regions in this establishment, namely:

A. Free City of Amnoon

The first city in Crystal Desert is Free City of Amnoon which is a harbor of humans. The city has a leader named the Amnoon City Council whose autonomy is not stable yet. There is a place of crafts called Lily of the Elon.

B. Palawadan

The second city in Crystal Desert is Palawadan or called Jewel of Istan. This city is a port that consists of humans.

Those are the list of establishments in Guild Wars 2 service. There is still another establishment called Central Tyria which has 4 regions. Hope the information above can be useful for you!