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Taking A Peek At 5 Capital Cities In The Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Guild Wars 2 is not only popular because of the amazing gaming system, but also how vast the game itself. In fact, one of the reasons why this MMORPG is loved by many people is how the game provide story line for each of the element inside it. Think about it, that each of the payable races are actually have capital city in this fantasy world. Interesting isn’t it? If you want to see them, here is the five cities you should visit.

Five Capital Cities In The Guild Wars

Guild Wars 2 Service

1. Rata Sum – The Asuras

This is the Asura’s home that floats high above the Maguuma jungle. You can see the magnificent work of technology that show the intelligent of this races. This city is the largest among the other.

2. Black Citadel – The Charrs

Guild Wars 2 Service Charr is the master of warfare and knowledgeable about Iron legion. It can be seen from this city that build upon the ruin of Rin in Ascalon, which used as the base of operations of the three high Legions.

3. Divinity’s Reach – The Humans

Guild Wars 2 Service This is a place where you can find the royals of kryta stay. As the largest human settlement in the northern Tyria, this city is massive and full of towering houses. The circular design will remind you of old time castles.

4. Hoelbrak – The Norns

Guild Wars 2 Service Hoelbrak is the home of the giants Norns. Hoelbrak is dominated with five gigantic structures that clad and surrounded with the snowy mountain. It shows the location that originally builds as hunting lodge.

5. The Grove – The Sylvaris

Guild Wars 2 Service This lust green area really shows the owner of the city, the Syvlaris. The mystical creature that love plants create this city in the Tarnished coast that situated under a massive pale tree, showing how big their relation with nature. That is the prove how massive this game is. You can visit them just for sightseeing or do mission and leveling up your level, but worth noting that leveling up in this game is not an easy feat. If you got problem doing it, hire Guild Wars 2 services power leveling from MMOPliot. They are reputable for power leveling service with affordable cost. Don’t be shy or worry, their work will definitely help you conserve your time and energy.

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