Like a Pro with This New World Siren Queen Arena Guide

Siren Queen Arena Guide

Want to end Siren Queen Arena in your favorite massive multi player role-playing game that was super popular before Lost Ark came to New World? When you play a game, keep in mind that you need some information and explanation before you start to conquer the boss and end the game. So, we give you the New World: Siren Queen Arena Guide right here right now!

What Do We Need to Know About The Siren Queen Arena?

Well, of course you have to know about Siren Queen Arena, how to get the tuning orb, and the list of trophies and consumables that are recommended by professional players.


Go to the Spire of Melpomene. It is an elite area in the northern part of Reekwater. That elite area is the Siren Arena location. With fast travel, you can arrive at the south of the arena. It is an endgame, so you have to make sure you have a group of 5 players to complete it. When you enter this arena, you will fight The Siren Queen, the lost level 66 monster. To reach the arena, along with the other arenas and expeditions in the New World, you will require a tuning orb. The tuning orb will be consumed upon entering the arena, and only one person in the group has to have it to enter. 

Obtain Tuning Orb

The Siren Tuning Orb may be obtained for free once by completing the questline that begins with the quest “An Expanding Threat.” Kinnao Onizuka in Reekwater can give you this task. Continue following the questline until you reach the last quest, “The Queen is Dead (Elite).” 
The Queen is Dead Elite mission will bring you to an elite location, so you will need to finish it as a group. To get the tuning orb, you must kill some of the Siren Queen’s Lieutenants. The Siren Tuning Orb will be dropped by one of them.
You can also use the stonecutting profession to make the Siren Tuning Orb. To construct the tuning orb, you must have stonecutting level 50 or above and utilize a tier 4 or higher stonecutting table. There is a limit of five orbs that may be crafted at once. If you make five orbs at once, you will have to wait seven days before you can craft them again.

List of Trophies and Consumables

  • Infused Lost Coating

Apply it to the weapon that is presently drawn. It provides the greatest possible boost to damage against loss. lasts 20.0 minutes or until decommissioned, whichever occurs first. A weapon may only have one coating on it at a time. You get a 500 gear score. But you need arcana tier 5 and level 60.

  • Powerful  Honing Stone

In 40 minutes, you can increase weapon damage because the physical armor rating is 111 and the elemental armor rating is 173.

  • Lost Combat Trophy

You need to be in tier 4 to make a combat trophy. We give you this as a recommendation because you can get a 5% damage bonus if you fight “The Lost.”

  • Clam Chowder

To make it, you must be level 40 and have a tier 4 kitchen.You can get health recovery and strength that increases for 30 to 35 minutes. It is good for your DPS.

  • Stuffed Calamari

Stuffed Calamari increase Constitution by 30 for 35 minutes. Your health slowly recovers while under these effects.It has the same requirement as clam chowder, but it is super efficient for tanks. 

  • Infused Lost Ward Potions

Imagine you can absorb the damage, and it keeps increasing for 30 seconds or until you get 15 times the damage. But you need to be at level 60 and arcane tier 5.

What If I Don’t Meet the Requirements?

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