How to Craft Armorsmith Level 100-200 Fast – Guild Wars 2 Service

As one of the crafting discipline in guild Wars 2, armosmith profession can provide you heavy-duty armor. With the armor, you can challenge higher level dungeons and Fractals. Some items also tradeable, so you can get extra cash. But leveling it can be very daunting process. In this case, here is some helpful tips for you who want to get through the level 100 – 200 armorsmith faster.

Armorsmith Leveling 100-200

1. Level 100-150

In the first 50 level, make sure you got 10 Ravaging Embroidered wool insignia. You can buy it from vendors. The crafting material will be used to craft the Ravaging Scale Helm along with the 10 iron Casque Lining and Iron Casque casing. You also need to craft the Ravaging Split Helm. So, prepare some Bolt of Cotton, Steel ingot, steel Splint helmet lining, and Steel Splint Helmet casing. Remember that you should crafting a lot of times, so you can get lots of materials for spare.

2. Level 150-200

In this level, you need to craft 19 Strong split helmet and 13 Hunter’s Splint helm. All of the material can be bought from the NPCs vendors. But why buy it if you can loot? The reason is because buying the materials can save you a lot of time. At the same time, it is easier to get. So, make sure you got some spare of money or the game currency to get everything you need.
Is that all? Yes, but don’t underestimate the process. This is just level 100 -200, you will need to do hundreds more levels to master it. This can be very boring, tiring, and time consuming. If you don’t want it, check MMOPilot for its Guild wars 2 power leveling service that not as expensive as you think. All the MMOPilot players are professional. They can reach certain level or experience point in no time. This service is not a secret anymore. So, don’t be shy! Ask their help whenever you need.

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