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Getting Through Level 200-300 of Your Armorsmith Crafting Much Faster – Guild Wars 2 Service

There is no doubt that mastering certain crafting profession in Guild wars 2 is not that easy. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort just to up a hundred levels. in this case, if you are looking for an easy way to getting though the 200 -300 level of armorsmith, then you come in the right article. Here is what you should know.

Armorsmith Leveling 200-300

1. Level 200-250

In this level, there are a total of 54 items you should have. You can either buy it from NPCs vendor or looting from the battlefield. What are they? The list is varying, from the Draksteel Ingot, Bolt of linen, Darksteel Pauldron casting, Darksteel Pauldron Lining, Darksteel Helmet lining, and Carrion Linen insignia. All of them are needed to craft Carrion Tempered Scaled Helm. Do it over and over again until you got to level 250. As you reach those level, you can gain more experience point by crafting numerous Assassin Tempered Scale Pauldrons. Approximately, you will need 26 of that. So, what you need? In this case, make sure you have Darksteel Pauldron casing, lining, and the Assassin linen insignia.

2. Level 250-300

Do you think that’s all? No! in the level 250 higher, you will discover and need to craft 8 Major rune of fire by combining 4x Pile of Lucent Crystal, 2x Molten Shard and 1x Charm of Potence (for each item). As your level getting higher, you need to craft Valkyrie Barbaric Helm with tons of materials such as Bolt of silk, Mithril Helmet casing, etc. The 100 level might sound easy (at the first time). But the higher the level, the harsher and boring the process is. In this case, you can save much more time and effort by using Guild Wars 2 power leveling service. MMOPilot is one of the greatest pick for you. The price is not as expensive as you think, and they have professional players. So, don’t be shy! You can visit their site for more info.