All about installing Guild Wars 2 game – Guild Wars Service

Everyone must has their own hobbies, one of the popular hobbies is playing games. With technological support, today’s children are also affected by following developing technology. That’s why most children nowadays have their own PC, internet, and smartphone. With this kind of support, they can easily access online games and make it their hobby.

Before playing the online game by yourself, you have to know the basic thing, it is how to install online games on a PC. Moreover, children who still have not learned this at school, they must have difficulty installing it. For that, here are things that must be considered in installing the game Guild Wars 2 service.

All about installing Guild Wars 2 games

1. Prepare a PC with the right specifications

Before installing Guild Wars 2 service, you have to prepare the appropriate PC first. You can choose whether a Windows PC or Mac. It is because online games have a greater capacity than offline games. Online games often update the system so that your PC must have the right memory capacity.

If you have a Windows PC, what you are preparing for is a PC with a minimum internal specification of 50 GB HDD for loading the game. You must prepare a PC with a minimum RAM of 4 GB. As with the Mac, you must prepare a PC with a minimum RAM of 8 GB with an internal minimum of 50 GB HDD. After confirming the spesification above, you can install the game.

2. Installing the game

The first thing you have to do after preparing the PC is download the Guild Wars 2 game file on the official website. Before that, you have to prepare the browser that will use it first. You have to make sure your browser is updated so that it doesn’t create error when downloading the game. After completing the browser update, start downloading the game file.

After that, wait a while until the file has finished downloading. Then, click the file and follow the steps that appear on the screen and click Next until the installation process is complete.
That’s some information you should know about the installation of Guild Wars 2 service on your PC. You have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen during the installation process so that the game is installed perfectly on your PC. Good luck.