GW2 Legendary PvP Armor “Ardent Glorious armor”

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Level 20 PvP

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Legendary PvP Armor “Ardent Glorious armor”

Legendary armors are sets of armor of Legendary rarity. Like all legendary equipment, it is able to select any attribute combination available and can be changed at any time while out of combat. Additionally, it is possible to swap out any slotted upgrade component (runes and infusions) that has been placed in them at no cost (swapped out items are returned to your inventory). There is currently one set of each weight for each game mode.

PvP armor set

This armor retains the visual look of the Ascended PvP armors

It takes 300 PvP League Ticket.png to obtain a full set of Legendary PvP armor. With the season cap of 100 PvP League, this will take 3 seasons of reaching the season cap. It takes 3,600 Ascended Shard of Glory.png to obtain a full set of Legendary PvP armor: 2,400  Star of Glory and 1,200  for the full Ascended Glorious armor set. Players may earn the necessary 300 PvP League Ticket.png and 3,600  over any number of PvP seasons they wish, but there are three recommended routes for acquiring these currencies:

6330 PvP pips earned over 3 seasons: To finish as fast as possible, the player must complete 3 seasons of the non-repeatable PvP League reward chests. At any time during these 3 seasons, they must also complete the final repeatable Byzantium reward chest 24 times to accumulate the rest of the  required. This path requires the most PvP games to be played, because the higher tiered reward chests that are repeated via this pathway provide less per pip than the lower tiered ones, which can be repeated by playing over a greater number of seasons.

6030 PvP pips earned over 9 seasons: To finish without completing the repeatable Byzantium reward chest at all, the player must complete all of the non-repeatable PvP League reward chests 9 times.

5440 PvP pips earned over 16 seasons: To finish with the fewest number of PvP games played, the player must not complete all of the non-repeatable PvP League reward chests in a single season. Instead, they should stop each season after completing the Persimmon chest. This is because the lower tiers of reward chest provide more Ascended Shard of Glory.png per pip earned than the higher tiers

Rank 20 PvP – Have 3 character Profession – PvP level 20

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